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Wealth Creation Advisor

Income, savings, and investment management are critical components of long-term wealth creation. Whatever your age, a well-planned investment strategy can help you achieve the most comfortable and secure financial future possible, regardless of what life throws at you.

Our strategy advice will be determined by your current situation, goals, and timeline. We tailor strategies specifically to your circumstances and goals. Investing has risks and we take this into consideration for you .

Property investment — Investing in real estate is a popular way to build wealth. Rising market values, rental income, and tax advantages from gearing are all ways to move in this direction. Our property advisers will help you with knowledge and experience to give you the best advice possible to make money by investing in property

Stock Market — The stock market investments need to be monitored closely. Stocks, shares, and bonds are just a few of the investment options available, and diversification always helps to minimize the risk. They are volatile investments that can be impacted by both micro and macro events.

Superannuation — Superannuation is a tax-effective way for building wealth in the longer term. To increase your chances of financial success, it is critical to have the right asset allocation within your superannuation fund.

Alternative Investments  We have access to other investments that are unique and provide extra choices to our clients that are not normally available to the general public.

Investing for Income or Capital growth  We have options to help you increase your income levels through investment income and/or focus on long term capital growth

Salary Packaging — Salary packaging is a clever way to restructure your income, allowing you to purchase items with your pre-tax salary. Having money deducted for a major purchase or savings plan before paying taxes means that you only pay income tax on the remainder.

Debt Efficiency — Making your debt work for you is an important part of building your wealth for future. You need to be careful about the lending terms otherwise it will lead to big troubles.

Finance management  We work with trusted finance brokers to help our clients manage their debt structures and rates.

Cashflow management  Understanding where your money is spent is important in life and for investing. We can help you with budgets and cash flow management personally and in business.

Wealth Management Advisor

We know a wealth creation plan will vary for every individual, couple, family group or business. We will provide a plan designed just for you, based on your needs, and lifestyle. You will have access to a dedicated adviser who can be contacted for all your questions and discuss any ideas or thoughts you may have.  Our regular reviews will ensure remains on the right path.

Wealth Protection Advisor

It takes time to build wealth. You’ve definitely worked hard for what you have built, and it’s crucial to protect your assets now and in the future for your loved ones. That is why purchasing wealth protection insurance is so important. We can ensure that you and your family have the peace of mind and protection that you deserve by putting the right products in place.

Why choose us?

We will provide a plan designed just for you

It’s all about you

We know wealth creation plan will vary for every individual. We will provide a plan designed just for you, based on your need and lifestyle. You will always have an access to a dedicated financial advisor at all times.  We will be happy to answer every single one of your questions. Our regular reviews and adjustments will ensure your plan always on the right path.

Experience and knowledge

With over 30 years of experience building wealth for our clients, we love to share this knowledge with all our clients Property developments, direct property investments, shares, income investments, are just some of the options we have used for our clients over the years to create wealth for them.

we are Experience Private Wealth Advisor
We are Independent

Clear and Transparent Advice

As holders of our own Australian Financial Services License we are not aligned or biased towards any product provider or driven by commissions. All our advise is written in a clear simple methodology and all fees and charges are transparently explained.  All our plans are written to fit with your personal goals and objectives.

We are Protecting Your wealth

Protecting wealth is just as important as creating wealth. We work with our clients to provide asset protection strategies and structures.

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frequently asked questions

They advise individuals on how to invest their portfolios and plan their finances to achieve their financial objectives, and they typically provide a variety of services, such as portfolio management, estate and retirement planning, and tax services.
Wealth management is essential for not only protecting but also growing your assets, allowing you to meet current financial goals and possibly build wealth for your future generations. As long as you are getting value for money and making more money than you can do yourself then it makes sense to pay for the advice
Its mostly depend on the scope of the service. Some advisors charge fixed fee and others charge in a percentage as commission.