Superannuation Advisor Melbourne

Superannuation Advisor Melbourne

Superannuation Advisor Melbourne

Did you know that your superannuation fund may be your second most valuable asset after your home when you retire? It may come as a surprise, but many of us are unsure of what we’re investing in, despite contributing almost 10% of our annual salary to our super funds.

Why you should consider superannuation?

Superannuation is a great way to save for retirement and generate an income. It can offer significant growth and tax benefits compared to other investment options. Depending on your age and circumstances, you may be able to withdraw your superannuation tax-free.

Superannuation Planning

There are two types of contributions you can make to your superannuation fund:

  • Concessional contributions: These are contributions made by your employer that are tax-deductible. However, they are taxed at 15% when they are deposited into your superannuation fund. The maximum amount you can contribute each fiscal year is $27,500. This means that if you make the maximum contribution each year, your balance will increase by $23,375 after tax.

  • Non-concessional contributions: These are contributions you make with after-tax money, and you can contribute up to $110,000 per fiscal year. Non-concessional contributions are tax-free and are classified as a tax-free component in your superannuation fund account. This means that when it comes time to distribute any remaining balance in your superannuation fund to your beneficiaries, your estate will not have to pay any tax on it.

Superannuation Strategies

There are a number of smart, tax-effective strategies that may be applicable to your situation, such as:

  • Purchasing insurance through a superannuation fund
  • Choosing the best superannuation fund for your needs. This includes comparing industry, retail, super wraps, and self-managed super funds.
  • Consolidating their super funds into a single account
  • Choosing the best investment options to meet your retirement.
  • Making additional super contributions and reaping tax benefits
  • Increasing your contribution limits each fiscal year

About Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSFgives you more control over your retirement savings. If you’re considering setting up an SMSF, it’s important to be aware that there are many factors to consider. Our advisors pay attention to the details and tailor our services to your specific needs and circumstances, rather than treating all situations the same.

Whether you want to start a self-managed super fund or need help managing one, our advisors can assist you. To learn more about SMSFs and get financial advice, please contact our qualified financial advisors.

Why choose us?

We will provide a plan designed just for you

It’s all about you

Our company know superannuation plans will vary for every individual. So, we will provide a superannuation advice designed just for you, based on your need, income and saving. You will always have an access to a dedicated financial advisor at all times.  Further, we will be happy to answer every single one of your questions.

Proper Compliance

we have an in-depth understanding of the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to superannuation. We can help you to stay compliant with tax and reporting obligations, and ensure that your superannuation is structured in a way that maximizes your retirement savings.

Financial Advisor

We are Superannuation specialist

We have been providing superannuation strategies for more than 30 years to people who are seeking advice. We work along with our partner firm TASC Accountants & Business Advisors who are experts in tax and business advisory. so, you know that you’re working with experts.

Financial Specialists in Superannuation

With our own Australian Financial Services License, we are not as restricted as most other financial advisors when it comes to providing appropriate property advice.

We are Independent

We understand the various Australian market

Our company have access to trusted stock brokers, property advisors and investment advisors. Also we help clients who are located all over Melbourne as well as those who want to invest interstate. Further, we know the risks involved with investment and use this experience to help our clients avoid them.

frequently asked questions

You can withdraw your super: when you turn 65 (even if you haven't retired), when you reach preservation age and retire, or while working under the transition to retirement rules.

You must pay at least 10.5% of an eligible employee's ordinary time earnings in superannuation. However, it is expected to gradually rise to 12% by 2025.

When an employee resigns, he has the option of transferring his salary to the new employer (provided both trusts are approved). If the new employer does not have a superannuation scheme, he can either withdraw the money from the account (which is taxed) or keep it in the fund until he reaches retirement age.

You can select a lump sum, the entire balance of your superannuation is transferred to your bank account. If you choose an income stream, you will receive a set amount in your bank account every fortnight/month/year, while the remainder is invested in your super fund and earns investment returns